Our Kindergarten provides a loving home-like setting with predictable rhythms that meet the young child’s abilities and developmental needs. Everything in the Kindergarten is nurturing and purposeful, from the natural toys and surroundings to the wise Kindergarten teacher melodically singing, “Follow, follow, follow…” each time she “magically” guides the children to and from the play yard.

A Waldorf Kindergarten, by design, is free from formal academics and instead focuses on developing strong bodies and a lively imagination, which are the foundation of learning as they move on into the Lower Grades. Our Kindergarten gently stimulates the development of curiosity, verbal capacities, sequencing, sensory integration, memory, social skills and motor skills that are essential for later learning and are the foundations for academic excellence.

The children in our Kindergarten:

  • Explore the natural world with their senses;
  • Develop their attention and language skills by listening to, reciting, and acting out stories, poems and nursery rhymes and singing songs with the teacher;
  • Play freely with objects that can be transformed in the their imagination;
  • Are nurtured by the safety and comfort of a rhythmical daily and weekly routine;
  • Experience healthy, active gross and fine motor movement through play and life skills, such as sewing, woodworking, baking, and housekeeping;
  • Enjoy outside play every day in our dedicated Kindergarten play yard;
  • Enjoy a delicious, healthy snack prepared in the classroom;
  • Express themselves artistically through watercolor painting, beeswax crayon drawing and crafts;
  • Develop their imagination as a foundation for creative and critical thinking


Morning Glory Kindergarten

3 or 4 days per week
Monday through Thursday

Ages:         3 & 4 year olds (potty trained)

Schedule:   8:15 am – 12:00 pm



Rose and Lily Kindergarten

3, 4 or 5 days per week*
Monday through Friday

Ages:         3 to 6 year olds (potty trained)

Schedule:   8:15 am – 12:15 pm



*5 days per week required for children in their final year of Kindergarten