In 1987, a dedicated group of parents, concerned about the quality of their children's education, began investigating alternative but proven educational methods and philosophies. Two years later, after extensive research and shepherding from experienced Waldorf educator and mother of five, Nancy Jewel Poer, our school became the 121st Waldorf School in the United States. The first Kindergarten class began in a barn on the White Feather Ranch of Nancy and Gordon Poer on September 29, 1989 (Michaelmas).

The school was incorporated in 1990 as a private, non-profit, tax-exempt, non-sectarian educational organization. The following year, the school relocated to property owned by a founding family, the Hodgkins. Parents of the new school volunteered their time during the summer to build a garage structure, which they modified into two classrooms and two bathrooms.

Despite limited funds and relative obscurity, other parents in the area soon heard that something educationally fresh and exciting was going on at Cedar Springs Waldorf School. This resulted in increased enrollment and the need to find a larger site the following school year. After months of site evaluation, a portion of our current campus was purchased. Initially, the only building on the property was a converted two-story house that had been used as a preschool. This building now houses our school office and several classrooms. A portable two-room structure was added that same year.

In January 1996, a 2.9-acre adjoining parcel was acquired, completing the remainder of our current campus. This was a courageous and exciting moment in the life of our school. In order to obtain the financing, almost 75% of the parent body guaranteed the loan.

During the 1997-1998 school year, our first Eighth Grade class graduated and our College of Teachers was formed. Our graduation ceremony that year took place at our outside amphitheater which was built through parent donations.
As the success of our school continued, more buildings were needed. After much planning, the most extensive building project to date occurred in the summer of 1999 when the school embarked on the construction of the White Feather building on the lower parcel. The new building, constructed by an outside contractor, provided four new classrooms (see illustration). The project was made possible through the donation of hundreds of hours of parent volunteerism.

In 1989 there were ten students enrolled in our school. Today, we have nearly 180 students, with programs ranging from Parent-Child, a three-day Kindergarten program, two full-time Kindergartens and First through Eighth Grades. The Faculty has increased from one part-time teacher to 13 full-time class teachers and additional assistants, special subject teachers, support staff and administration.

Our Vision