Welcome to Cedar Springs Waldorf School

The Cedar Springs Waldorf School is an independent, accredited Waldorf school with programs spanning Preschool/Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. We have been educating children in the Sierra Nevada foothills of El Dorado County since 1989.

As is true for other independent Waldorf schools, our goal at Cedar Springs is for children to fully develop their own unique capacities and to be inspired with a lifelong love of learning. Our dedicated and trained teachers transform education into an art that educates the whole child—head, heart and hands.


Waldorf education is the fastest growing independent educational movement in the world, with more than 900 Waldorf schools in 83 countries. The Waldorf curriculum is broad and comprehensive and based on Rudolf Steiner’s picture of the developing child. From its gentle beginning in the Kindergarten and Lower School to a rigorous, yet cooperative, learning environment in the Upper Grades, a Cedar Springs Waldorf School education is a gift that prepares children and young adults to embrace learning.

Located on five scenic acres, just minutes from Hwy 50, our campus provides an idyllic natural setting, which enables teachers to enrich their classroom studies with access to gardens, wooded playgrounds and playing fields.

Preparing For Life: Below is a video on how The New York Times sparked national media coverage with its front page story on why Silicon Valley parents are turning to Waldorf education.

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